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The College Prep Program is specifically designed for the high school athlete who plans to play sports in college.

It is essential to prepare for the high level demands and expectations of collegiate athletics and

Matrix is here to help!

What's Included In the College Prep Program?

  • State of the art facilities for all your training needs.

  • Individualized assessment and programming to help you increase performance and prevent injury.

  • Introduction to higher level strength training that you will be expected to complete at the collegiate level (We will work with your team's Strength & Conditioning Program).

  • Semi-private training model, allowing for individualized instruction without sacrificing the benefits of training partners.

  • 60 minute training sessions, 3 Days/week with our Athletic Trainer, Matthew Schultz.

  • Home agility and conditioning program development for days you are not in the gym training.

  • Preparation for conditioning tests you will encounter when arriving to train with your new team.

  • Access to our online training program in case you are out of town and forced to miss a workout.

Cost: $380 per month or $995 for 3 months.

Leave the competition behind and train with Matrix Sports Medicine today!

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