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"I was incorrectly diagnosed with a pinched nerve by a chiropractor. After 2 visits to the chiro and feeling worse as the week went on, I went to my primary care physician. My PCP referred me to PT. I was having severe pain down my arm and upper neck/back and tingling in 2 of my fingers. Fortunately I ended up at Matrix!!


Tory conducted an initial evaluation and after only 20 minutes Tory explained that she felt my issue was not just a pinched nerve and that I possibly had disc problems. With my permission she contacted my PCP and relayed her findings and concerns, suggesting that an MRI be ordered. Fortunately, my PCP agreed and ordered one. It turned out that I had 1 ruptured disc, 2 bulging discs, and some other spinal issues. Without Tory’s professional intervention I can’t imagine how I would have turned out!!! I have undergone c-spine surgery (2 discs had to be removed) and have just returned to Tory for my post-surgery PT.


 I am thrilled to have found such a professional and caring place. I recommend Matrix to EVERYONE" 


-Alicia M.


"Life is easier now – much less embarrassing, as I hop easily into the back of the van or jauntily climb the high, high granite steps into the house – even with groceries in my arms. In fact, I’m feeling better throughout – perhaps due to all the exercises which I continue with on a regular basis. I am most fortunate having been referred to you. It’s like a miracle. Thank you." 


-Ann D.


"You are the best! Four years after back surgery and seeing a variety of incompetent physical therapists who kept telling me that this was as good as I’d get–then I get sent to you…Best thing that ever happened! I can do things now–after just four months with you guys–that doctors told me I’d never be able to do again. I can’t thank you enough."


-Laura M.


"I've lost 30 lbs since May and have been able to get back into the gym doing some weight lifting with no pain!!!  This is by far the best my hips/back have felt in 2 years and it feels incredible.  Been keeping up with the stretches/workouts and it feels good to be lifting weights again!  All thanks to you guys!"

-Grace C.


"Mary is absolutely marvelous at what she does and she has helped me beyond measure.  I continue to work through my exercises and hope to return if needed."

-Kat M.


"Matrix has not only helped me with my PT needs.  They also offer a fantastic fitness program tailored to your needs and fitness goals.  Love this place and the people that work there!"


-Michelle L.

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