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What sets Matrix apart from typical Strength & Conditioning programs?  Our training sessions are led by Certified Athletic Trainers and/or Strength & Conditioning Specialists who are proficient in injury prevention, functional movement analysis, and sport specific conditioning. In addition, we are qualified to work with the injured athlete who is working to return to his/her prior level of athletic activity.



- Strength & Power


- Speed & Agility


- Core Strength & Stability


- Endurance


- Balance


- Flexibility

-Sport Specific Training 

An optimal balance between strength and flexibility can be the key to success in any sport. Asymmetries in strength and flexibility can lead to movement dysfunction which has a negative effect on performance and may ultimately result in injury. Strength and flexibility screening and functional movement assessment will allow us to develop a training program designed to not only optimize performance, but also to reduce the risk for injury and alleviate pain.

Maximize performance, reduce the risk for injury and become a better athlete with Matrix Sports Medicine's Performance Enhancement Program

Each athlete will undergo a thorough injury assessment, functional movement screen (FMS) and sport specific standardized testing and will be provided with a detailed pre and post program performance report outlining areas of achievement.

Matrix also offers Team Training to help keep your team strong, healthy and in the game!  We will educate team captains on how to run an efficient team warm-up and provide coaches with sport specific in-season conditioning programs.

(call or email to inquire about team scheduling and pricing)

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