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Your surgeon may refer you to physical therapy prior to your scheduled surgery. Simply put, the stronger you are, the more flexible you are, and the more mobile you are at the time of your surgery, the speedier your recovery post-surgically. Our goal post-surgically is to return you to your prior level of function and physical activity within the time frame and restrictions of your surgeon’s prescribed protocol. Regular communication with your surgeon will ensure continuity of care.
Commonly treated orthopedic surgeries include, but are not limited to:

  • Rotator cuff repairs

  • Labral repairs

  • Acromioplasty/Decompression

  • ACL reconstruction

  • Arthroscopic meniscus repairs and partial menisectomies

  • Achilles Tendon, Posterior Tibialis Tendon and Peroneal Tendon Repairs

  • Foot Surgeries such as bunionectomies and Neuroma excision

  • Neck and Back Surgeries such as fusions, laminectomies, partial disectomies

  • Surgical Fixation of upper and lower extremity fractures

We strongly recommend that you schedule your first post-operative appointment before you have surgery to ensure that you are seen in a timely manner once you are cleared by your surgeon to begin.

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