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Personalized Fitness Program

This program is designed to help you achieve your fitness goals while giving you the freedom to work out when it is convenient for you.  Our Certified Athletic Trainer will guide you and help to hold you accountable while you work towards reaching and surpassing your fitness goals. During your first session you will discuss your goals with your trainer and undergo fitness testing to determine your overall fitness level. Together you will establish a workout regimen that you will perform under the guidance of our trained staff. 


This program requires that you commit to training at least 3 days/wk, but allows you to train up to 5 days per week if desired.  You will also be provided with home mobility and activation exercises to perform on your off days to further enhance your training experience.

With your Personalized Fitness subscription, you will gain access to an easy to use Train Heroic app that will allow you to access and track your personalized workouts with embedded video demonstrations, coaching cues and a texting feature so that you to connect with your trainer in real time!  Access to this app also gives you the freedom to travel without missing a workout!

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